Joy In Caregiving
Joy Walker - Caregiver Advocate, Writer

Joy's Books and Other Work.'s Anthology 2012.
Contains two of my essays.

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As all caregivers know, there are certain topics and issues that are universal to caregiving and are talked about and debated and chewed over constantly. Things like: why does family not help out more? Should I lie to my care receiver? What should I do about driving and taking the car keys? How do I break everyone out of denial of the situation? When should I place my loved one in a facility? What do I do when my care receiver dies? And more. In my work as a caregiver, caregiver advocate, dementia support group facilitator, hospice worker, and bereavement counselor, I've collected personal experiences, information and anecdotes about those hot button issues - and I talk about them! Honestly, straightforwardly, and humorously. This book is like a mini-support group, in which I cover the full caregiving experience: from denial to dementia to death-with-dignity.

A personal, moving, yet often funny exploration of the impact of dementia, Alzheimer's, or Lewy-Body Dementia on sufferer and family alike; from denial to diagnosis, from care-giving to cleaning out the house
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